How can I return or exchange my order?

We're sorry to hear it didn't work out and you're wanting to return or exchange your item(s). Our returns process is pretty easy but there are just a few reminders when requesting a return.

Our weighted blankets have a 100-night trial and we suggest that you give your Remy at least 30 nights to see if it's the perfect match for you. It can take that many nights for our bodies to adjust having weight on top whilst we sleep.

Our Pod comes with a 30-day trial. We're sure you'll enjoy sitting or lounging on it as much as we do. But if you change your mind, we also understand.

The return must be requested by the person who placed the original order with us. This is because we require the email address and order number. If you've ordered your Remy items from any of our retailers you will need to contact them directly to request a return.

If you tick all the points above - great! We would kindly ask you to complete the form below.

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