Getting started with my new Sleeper Weighted Blanket

By ordering a Remy, you're already well on your way to a happier and healthier life. Sleep and rest can positively impact everything from your mood to your relationships.

To ensure the best results, we'd like to help you use your Remy correctly.

  1. On your bed, sofa, or even at your desk. You can use your Remy anytime and anywhere. Because daydreams as as important as the midnight ones.
  2. We've designed our blankets to be used on their own. However, if you please you can use it under your regular covers and duvets.
  3. Whether you're a toe-dipper or you jump straight in, it's important to ease into your weighted blanket. For the first few nights we recommend using your weighted blanket over your lower body while sleeping.
  4. When you feel comfortable with that, you're ready to feel all the benefits of complete blanket use. If you find the weight a little uncomfortable while sleeping (don't worry it's normal at first) we recommend taking it to your sofa to ease into it.
  5. You can lay under you blanket any way you like. There is no correct way to sleep underneath it. Seriously, any sleep position will work - Starfish, Stomach Sleeper, Pillow Hugger we've got you covered. To experience the full benefits of deep pressure therapy we advise to have your blanket cover your entire body.
  6. It can take our bodies up to 30 nights to get used to this new sensation of weighted therapy. Remember you have a 100-night trial so there's no hurry.

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