Attaching your Cover to the Sleeper Weighted Blanket

We use an innovative 360° zipping system to keep our weighted blankets perfectly attached to our beautiful covers. It's a new way of doing things, hence it can take time to get the hang of it!

We recommend following our step-by-step instructions the first time you try this.

Your Sleeper order has two components: The Sleeper (weighted insert) and the Sleeper Cover (cosy plush or airy bamboo cover).

Step 1

Remove the Sleeper from it's cover bag and unroll on a flat surface (bed, floor, dining table). Make sure the 360° zipper system is facing upward. It should be above the orange border and not below.

Weighted blanket on bed

Step 2

Unpack the Cover for your Sleeper and turn it inside out. The zipper and ties should be visible. Lay it flat on top of your Sleeper. The Cover and Sleeper should be stacked like pancakes and the corners aligned.

Weighted blanket cover on top of blanket.

Step 3

On the Sleeper, locate the corner where the zipper teeth begin. This will be on one of the two long sides (image below of what it looks like).

On the Cover, locate the zipper handle. This should also be on one of the two long sides of the Cover, unless it has moved. If it has moved bring the zipper handle to it's beginning point.

Pink bamboo weighted blanket cover with zipper handle

Make sure the beginning of the zipper teeth on the Sleeper weighted insert and the zipper handle on the Cover are aligned. You may have to rotate the Cover or Sleeper to get the zip aligned. At this point the Cover should still be stacked on top of the Sleeper weighted insert like in Step 2.

Step 4

Connect the zipper handle of the Cover to the zipper teeth on the Sleeper and begin to zip.

Note: some of our covers have single-sided zipper handles (like image below). If this is the case for your cover you will have to pull the zipper handle from underneath while zipping.
Weighted blanket zipper connecting to cover

Step 5

Continue zipping until you get to the corner diagonally opposite to where you began. At this point the Cover should be half zipped to the Sleeper weighted insert. Remember it's still inside-out.

Weighted blanket zipped corner

Step 6

Now, we'll turn the blanket the right way round. There is a smaller zip on the cover which is meant to close the cover - this should be unzipped already but incase it is not please unzip.

Put your hands inside the cover and reach for the corners. Grab both the Cover and Sleeper in one hand bunch. This motion is to help you turn the blanket the right way round.

Steps to turn Weighted Blanket outside in

Step 7

Lay the blanket flat and straighten out the corners. Now you're blanket is the right way up. The original Remy tag should be visible on your cover at this point. We're nearly there!

Weighted blanket flat on bed

Step 8

Go to the corner which is still unzipped. Locate the zipper handle that is connecting the Cover to the Sleeper weighted insert (from Step 5). Zip all the way through, passing the corner and continuing to where we began. Your entire Cover should now be zipped to your Sleeper weighted insert.

Ensure you're grabbing the correct zipper handle and not the zipper handle for the Cover only.
Weighted blanket zipper connection

Step 9

Finally, locate the Cover zip and close.

Zip up the Cover of your weighted blanket

Step 10

We're done! Get under and enjoy. Happy Resting 😍

Get under your Weighted Blanket

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