Is a weighted blanket suitable for my child?

We recommend our weighted blanket for children over the age of 3.

If your child is younger than 3 we would not recommend our weighted blankets.

Please read our reasons on why we don't recommend our Junior weighted blanket for babies and young toddlers:

  • Too risky - we recommend parents follow the latest "safe sleeping" advice from the NHS and the Lullaby Trust. For babies read this advice and for young children see here.
  • Too heavy - a weighted blanket should be around 8-14% of a person's body weight. Our Junior weighted blanket is created with 3 kg and 5 kg weight options only. Toddlers may not have the strength to remove a weighted blanket themselves when it covers their face which can lead to breathing difficulties. For that reason, we do not recommend a weighted blanket for children under the age of 3.
  • Too warm - our Junior weighted blanket has a 100% cotton exterior to help keep your child feel comfortable whatever the season. However, babies and young toddlers are not fully able to regulate their body temperature. Using a weighted blanket on too young children could mean their bodies may overheat.

Our Junior weighted blanket is sized 120 x 180cm which is suitable for children as they grow into teenagers. Once they are over the age of 12 an adult weighted blanket may be better suited for them.

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