How does the 100 night trial work?

The 100 night trial applies to all our Weighted Blankets and simply put, means you can return it for whatever reason within 100 days from delivery. We want you to experience better rest and sleep in the comfort of your own home without the risk of being stuck with another online purchase collecting dust in your storage.

To begin, place your order on our website. Please note if you've purchased a Remy Weighted Blanket from one of our partners you will have to follow their return policy.

Next, when your item is delivered unpack it but remember to keep all the cover bags your items were packed in. This will include the linen bag and tote bag your weighted blanket/covers are rolled up in. If you wish to return or exchange your items we will require these two cover bags to be sent back.

Enjoy the best night's sleep with your new bed buddy. Don't worry if it feels 'different', that is normal as your body is going through an adjustment period. This adjustment period can take up to 30 days.

Keep enjoying great sleep, and tell your friends! Or, if your body has not adjusted, fill out our returns form below and we'll take you through the returns process. Through our returns form you will be able to exchange for a lighter or heavier weight if you wish. If you have any questions you can call us on 020 3991 0326 or email us at

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